Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day '09

For Mother's Day '09, we took Casey to San Diego to spend some time with Nai Nai and Ye Ye. The drive to SD on Friday night was uneventful, at least to Casey. He slept the whole way. Our 1st stop in town was Cotija taco shop. We took little Casey in with us; there was mexican music BLARING! He gradually woke up, confused, wondering where he was, and what he was listening to. Saturday night, we took him to Black Angus Steakhouse. He slept... The whole time. Sunday, we took him to Soupplantation.. He... um, slept the whole time. See a pattern here? Kid likes to sleep.. alot. (insert apple/ tree analogy here). During Casey's awake time, we took lots of photos. Mommy was sleeping a lot. She missed a lot of the photos. Photos from the weekend.

KC teaching Casey Aerospace Engineering

Grandparents with grandson
Proud Grandma
Proud Grandpa

Three generations

Enthralled with daddy

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