Sunday, May 22, 2011

Prelude to potty training?

Casey has recently taken in interest in peeing. More specifically, he has taken an interest in watching daddy pee. He comes over, all curious, get his head right close to the splashing water, and says, 'Daddy pee'. I assume this is the first step in preparing to potty train. So, I indulge him, and talk him through process. Coincidentally, Mommy apparently didn't flush very well, and left a little floater... So, I was teaching Casey to focus on the object, and aim at it, and let it flow. If the target moves, you 'chase' it with your stream. Clearly, I don't know the first thing about potty training, but my thought is that, if I make it fun, make a game out of it, he might be more apt to learn. I'll keep you posted on potty training, PSW style.

Growin up and learning

Casey and I went for a long walk. His newest thing is running. He loves to run. He will also say, "Daddy run". That's when I have to run with him. So, more accurately, I should say, we went for a long walk/run. We were pretty far from home, maybe approximately one mile out, when I noticed Casey had a huge, green booger in/hanging from one nostril. I decided it could wait until we got home. Well, on the walk/run home, Casey had other ideas. Suddenly, he ran over to me, and thrust his index finger in my face... On it, there was a giant, green booger! Why is this noteworthy you ask? Well, to me, it represented a 'milestone'. This is the first time he has been able to handle his business by himself. To me, this momentous occasion represented improved eye/hand coordination, body awareness and dexterity.
So, what was I to do when he presented his booger to me? I taught him how to flick it! It took us/him a couple of flicks, but we succeed in flinging it... Oh little man, Daddy has so much to teach you, and its gonna be a blast!