Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I was planning to take some correlate shots of Casey in his crib. But, not having seen the original in awhile, I didnt exactly duplicate the shot. Nonetheless, a few things popped into my head.. First of all, why is there grass and trees in the background? Did my Mom and Dad make me sleep outside, like a dog? Did they at least feed me, or was I so hungry I had to chew on the crib?

Casey doesnt look happy in these photos. But what do you expect? He JUST woke up. And I stuck a camera in his face, and blasted him with the flash. Isnt there a phrase 'rude awakening'? Kinda reminds me of my childhood, when my Dad used to wake me up by blasting classical music, and opening all the shades in the room to blast the light in.

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