Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday... To Me

Its August, and you might be wondering why I am writing an entry titled Happy Birthday. Afterall, Casey's birthday is in Feb. Well because it was recently my birthday. Not a milestone bday, where it signifies a new era.. Such as #16 ( driver's license), or #18 ( legally buying cigarette's, or dirty magazines), or #21 ( ummm, legally buying alcohol, duh), or #25 (lower car insurance rates). I have long since passed all those, about the only one left for me is #65 ( senior discount). Dont get me wrong, I had a good birthday, with an awesome gift... My birthday cake. I enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as I enjoyed feeding it to Casey and watching his reactions.

For those of you who dont know sign language, I'll give you MY PERSONAL translation. ( A translation I am confident you wont find elsewhere.) When he touches his hands together, it means, "Oh he!! yeah, gimme more!". When he pats his stomach, he's saying "Damn, that's some good ice cream cake".

I know exactly what to get for his bday.. ICE CREAM CAKE!

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  1. Too cute!!! Brennan goes "MMmmmmm" and that means Feed me!