Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

And so it starts. Casey got to really experience his first Halloween this year. Last year, he got dressed up as a cute monkey, but didnt really get to participate. This year, he KNOWS what is going on...

The costumes: As usual, things are centered around Casey. For his 1st birthday, he was given a beautiful traditional Chinese outfit, fit for an emperor. So there was our theme. Any high profile, important figure needs a bodyguard, so Daddy was his Secret Service bodyguard. Since it was gonna be night, we needed someone to light the way. Mommy, in her 'current condition' ie: 6 months prego, was the guiding lantern. A special thanks to Ron, a mega-talented artist who painted the Chinese lantern and Chinese character for light...

The plan: Casey's a pimp, yo... He kicks it with two honey's, so naturally, he spent Halloween with both of 'em.

Trick or treat: We armed Casey with a plastic pumpkin to hold his loot. He caught on pretty fast, walking from house to house, fearlessly going up to doors and knocking.. and saying, 'tik-o-teet'... He even signed thank you a few times.. A natural, he had the process down quick. To him, it must have been the greatest concept of all time. "All, I gotta do is walk to people's houses, knock on the door, and they give me 'teets' ( treats)? Hell yeah, I could get used to this" However, all things gotta end: At some point, the festivities had to end. In the car, on the way home, purely for safety purposes, Daddy took his pumpkin full of treats from him. The emperor pitched a fit. But once we got home and reunited the emperor with his treats, he was all smiles.

The human lantern:

The lantern and the emperor

Checkin' the loot!

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