Sunday, February 12, 2012

The next challenge

Yesterday, Casey and I went for a morning bike ride. We got him a small present, a horn for his bike. So, here we were, him on his bike, riding and honking his horn, and me walking/jogging beside him. He then tells me that he wants to goto the park. He rides all the way to the park, (about a mile, round trip). We get to the park, and he even rides his bike up a decent incline, pumping his quad muscles like a champ. As he gets off his bike to head to the jungle gym, I notice his bike seat is a little wet. Immediately, he tells me, "I have to go potty". Thus began my introduction to potty training. Until now, it would have been easy; I'd have told him to simply pee in his diaper. But, this being the first week of potty training, he was wearing 'big boy underwear'. And Daddy, being Daddy, didn't bring anything with us. No spare clothes, no spare underwear, no tissues, no baby wipes, no portable toilet... I looked around and considered my options. There were no fire hydrants, so I couldn't pretend he was a dog. I saw some trees, but they were out in the wide-open, and it was a crowded Saturday at the park. I decided the best option was to make a mad dash for the public restrooms. We started out walking, and I thought it might be faster if I carried him. So I carried him all the way to the restroom, and approached the first urinal. I figured any boy of mine is gonna be a man and learn to pee standing up. I got him positioned in front of the urinal, and was beginning to undo his pants... When I saw a river coming from the bottom of his pant leg. I managed to get his pants and underpants out of the way, and he just continued to whizzz all over the floor. Considering the flow rate, and length of time he peed, that little guy sure can store a lot of pee in his bladder! Alas, he was now soaked, so our park playtime was cut short. He had a soggy ride home, where we dried and cleaned him. Looks like this potty training this is gonna be a challenge!

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