Monday, April 30, 2012

Road Trip Interruptis

Recently, we took a roadtrip, or 'freeway adventure' as Casey likes to call them. We were only 20 minutes into our journey when Casey announced he needs "naptime underwear". You see, at this point in his potty training, he has learned to not poop in his 'big boy underwear', but he thus far refuses to poop in the potty. So, that leaves pull-ups, or 'naptime underwear'. Obviously, he has sufficient control over his poop-chute, because he can contract and expand as he wishes. Reportedly the stumbling block for pooping in the potty is that he doesn't like the splash... Don't we all... Anyhow, when he feels the urge to poop, he will ask for a pair of his 'naptime underwear'... and he'll poop in em. So this time, we are driving, so we pull off the freeway, and get him dressed in his naptime underwear... and he proceeds to walk around and scout out the perfect spot to do his business. As you can see from the photos, it took multiple locations to get the job done!!!

Walking around scouting locations:
Yes, that is the Interstate 5 freeway in the background!
"Leave me alone!"
The minivan should provide some privacy...

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