Saturday, October 13, 2012

Good Dad

Today Casey and I were at the park. He was having a great time playing, when he hit his head and starting crying. He came to me for comforting; hugs and kisses. I finally was able to console him to the point the crying stopped... Then he told me he needed a tissue. 'Cept, I didn't have one. So, I had a choice. End his fun time and go home... or take one for the team. I offered him my arm to wipe his boogers/snot on, and he said he wanted my shirt. So, I gave him my shirt sleeve, and he proceeded to take four HUGE swipes of both nostrils across my sleeve, leaving streak marks that soaked thru my sleeve. And he went on his merry way, back to playing... Meanwhile, it started getting cold, and the wind hit the wet spots on my sleeve and made me freeze. But I man-d up and continued to let him play!

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