Thursday, January 3, 2013

Night Time Potty Training

We are trying to take the next step in Casey's potty training. Until now, he has been using 'big boy underwear' during the day. For the most part, he is pretty good about getting to a toilet whenever he needs to pee. Daddy is trying to teach him to "P!ss like a man.." ie: pee while standing up. I'd say it's about 80-20 sitting vs. standing. But the important thing is that he is going in a toilet. However, at night, he was still wearing 'naptime underwear' ie: pullups. Well, the volume of pee during the night apparently exceeds the capacity of the pullups. That means soaked bed sheets. So, logic dictated, if the sheets are gonna be soaked every night, no harm in working on the nighttime training.
Thus, we have a new nighttime routine. We 'pee' him right before he goes to bed. Additionally, just before WE goto bed, we wake him up, escort him to the toilet and have him pee again. Last night was the first night we did it. When we woke him, he was (understandably) groggy and kept moaning, "Why are you doing this?". Despite his weak protests, he sat on the potty and p!ssed like a racehorse!!!
Stay tuned for the exciting adventures of night time potty training!!

UPDATE... Tonight, before we went to bed (approx. 10:30PM) we went to wake Casey up to pee him. Only he, his clothes, and his bed were all SOAKED. We changed him, changed the sheets on his bed, and peed him. Fast forward to 2:30AM. Went to check on his again... SOAKED... This ain't working so well... May have to switch strategies.

Day 2 UPDATE.. In the morning, Casey comes into our room and proudly says, 'I peed in the potty'. Sure enough, he had different pajama pants on. We were so proud of his new accomplishment... Then Mommy must have gotten suspicious. She says wait, if you peed in the potty, why did you change your pajama pants? Casey sheepishly replied, 'They might have gotten a little bit wet; just a little bit'. Then Mommy asks about his bed. Casey says, 'It might be a little wet, but it's ok!'
On the bright side, Casey did get up and go potty by himself. Albeit, AFTER he peed the bed... Baby steps..

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