Thursday, August 27, 2009


6.5 months, its about time for a haircut. Especially for our little long-hair Casey. Lucky kid, his Auntie Ana is a professional... But, I figured 'how hard could this be?' I'm just gonna take a rice bowl, turn it upside down on top of his head, and cut around it. Simple huh? Well, the first thing I didnt count on was constant movement. We sat him in a bumbo seat, and broke out the scissors. I quickly learned if we give him something to put in his mouth, his attention would be diverted, giving us a chance to cut. Oh yeah, but first, 'we' put his hair up, in a.. I dont know. Just up.. See the photos.. I cant really explain it. Anyway, about 30 seconds into this endeavor, I was wishing we had the services of Ana the professional. I could just picture poking an eye out with the scissors. That would be bad. Alas, no such disaster.. Just a haircut, maybe a little TOO short, but, hey, it'll grow.

What are those things in your hand?

I'm speechless..

Hey, I can see, there's no hair in my eyes!!


  1. So cute:) Let's hope he doesn't cry next time...Grant screamed bloody murder EVERY time he had a haircut for 2 years!!! It was a nightmare.