Friday, January 1, 2010

Learning Curve

As we rapidly approach Casey's 1st birthday, I have many thoughts about the past year. Most of the time, I try to share the thoughts with you guys in the form of different blog entries. Those of you who have been thru the parenthood thing can understand when I say its impossible to blog about everything that goes thru your mind during the 1st year of your child's life. So, I pick and choose.
One thing that has struck me is the learning curve. When Casey came to us last Feb. he was not capable of doing much at all. Reportedly, he couldnt see 5 inches in front of himself. He couldnt hold his own head upright. Amazing how fast that all changes. One day, I see him lifting his head. I remember the first smiles.. and the first giggles! I remember the days where he was like a turtle stuck on its back. We needed to roll him over. I remember the days when you would set him somewhere- And be sure that whenever you came back, he was right there. Then he figured out how to crawl. Actually, at the beginning, it was more of a modified crawl/ leg drag. One day, he figured out how to stand up. Then... WALK! This is a relatively new skill for him, but undoubtedly, his favorite. When he is doing it, his expression varies from huge grin, to outright laughter... SO HAPPY.. and every day, he improves his walking skills. I know I am probably glossing over many important, exciting 'firsts', but hopefully, we've done a good job of capturing most 'firsts' on camera and/or video.

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