Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rainy Day Adventure

Well, yesterday was a very rainy and windy day. Casey and I were cooped up in the house but when I saw a break in the rain I decided we would try to take a quick walk to the post office. Some fresh air and a chance for Casey to see the outdoors after a rain.

Well, of course, half way there the rain and wind pick up again. Do we go back or keep going forward....Ah what the heck....keep going. Steering a stroller with one hand and holding a big umbrella to sheild Casey from the pelting with the other we powered on. Casey meanwhile just sat back and ate his cookie snacks while getting a little wet. It was rather challenging but we made it to the post office. Whew! Mailed out a letter and bought more stamps. Gave Casey another snack. Now, do we head back or wait a few minutes to see if the rain lets up a bit. Waiting...waiting...waiting

Okay, it's not going to let up anytime soon. We go for it. Geez...it got worse. The rain I could handle but the wind WOW! Nearly knocked me, the umbrella, and stroller off the sidewalk a few times. I couldn't help but laugh along the way. Finally, we made it back to the safety of the garage. Yeah! That was challenging but FUN!

So now what should we do...go in and get dry....NOOOOO. I took Casey from the stroller and set him down to see which way he would turn. Armed with my camera I followed Casey right out into the rain. He was enjoying himself. Walking through puddles like it was nothing. Checking out the rain as it streamed off the rooftops. Finally carried him back into the garage and he was ready to go right back out. After a brief distraction we headed in, stripped down in the laundry room, put on some fresh, dry clothes and had some lunch. Now that was FUN!!!

Below is the video of Casey in the rain.

It's so fun to watch Casey experience things for the first time. Thanks for the fun Casey!!

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