Saturday, May 8, 2010

5 Alarm Fire

This morning, Casey and Daddy took an early morning trip to get bagels. When we arrived at the bagel store, I grabbed Casey out of the car seat, and carried him in. While standing in line, my forearm felt kinda wet. Here's what went thru my mind... Maybe Casey spilled some water from his bottle. Umm, nope, Casey didnt have his water bottle. Maybe Casey is teething, and slobbering/ drooling a lot... Looking at Casey's face and the front of his pajamas, nope, that aint it. Aww damn, about the only options left are #1 or #2, neither of which is good. Oh well, there's nothing I can do about it now, I'll get him home and deal with it.
So, I ordered our bagels and carried him back out to the car. Put him in the car seat, and looked down at the front of my shirt.. A wet, brownish streak.. Well, that answers that... It was definitely #2.
We get home and I change his diaper. (Even though the bagels are WARM, and smelling oh so good) I do my fatherly duty and change the diaper first... I unwrap the package and see what awaits... Oh my.. So I get a wet wipee and wipe. and another, and another... 7 total! Thats a new record for us.
But I figured something out. Instead of complicated formulas, we can describe the amount of damage by the number of wipees used. This was a 7 wipee toxic spill. Kinda like the fire department describing the severity of a blazes with the 3-4-5 alarm rating.

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