Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hair Salon

There is a saying, "That's so LA". You know, wearing sunglasses indoors, colored contact lenses, tiny dog in your lap as you drive, trendy nightclubs who pick and choose who they let in based on looks (and money). Granted, you probably see this stuff everywhere, but it seems to be more concentrated in the LA area. So, we thought we'd start Casey out young. One of the first steps to becoming "so LA" is a visit to the hair salon... Yup that's right, Casey went to see a professional stylist, in a hair salon. And no, he didn't get his hair frosted... There are limits to this madness, even in LA.

Someone, (undoubtedly a parent who had a squirmy kid who hated haircuts), came up with a brilliant business idea. Open a haircutting store aimed at kids. Hire a bunch of super patient, kid loving hair cutters, (check their names against Megan's Law databases), build a little play area, stuff it with kids toys, outfit each cutting station with video game consoles, and voila, you got a niche market.

So we could avoid more photos like this one (taken during this first haircut, courtesy of Mom and Dad), we thought we would try the professional salon route. When we got there, one kid was screaming his head off. Mom and grandpa where physically restraining the kid while he was going ape&^%%. I could only imagine what this sort of scene does for marketing. The scene reminded me of pulling up to a mental hospital... The brochure shows tranquil, well manicured lawns, and a nice comfortable, inviting lobby. Then you set foot in the place, and there is a mental patient fully restrained in a strait jacket, screaming his head off. With this as a first impression, would you willingly leave your loved one here to be housed?

This other kid was screaming and thrashing about, and none of it fazed Casey. He walked straight in there and starting playing with the toys, until his name was called.

Long haired kid in play area.

The squeeze bottle kept him distracted... for a little while.
Hey, thats me in the mirror! What's happened to my hair?
All done! Short haired kid back in the playroom.


  1. AAAwwwww!! Love his new do!!

  2. He looks darling:) That brought back many memories....Grant screamed his head off for the first 2 years of his haircuts:( He started at 10 mo. It was horrible......