Monday, January 24, 2011

Big Boy Haircut

We decided to take a risk, and see how Casey would do while getting a haircut at a professional outlet. (Not one geared for kids) You know, a big boy haircut. I dont know how smart this is, considering this was his reaction at his last haircut.. and this was at a place specifically geared towards kids.

That was then, this is now. The night before, I asked him, "Casey, do you want to get a haircut?" His response, 'yeah'..
Ok, that is encouraging.

So, the big day comes, and we schedule an appointment. That's important, cause it cuts down on the wait time. If Casey has the patience level of his dad, a 30 minute wait would have spelled disaster/ meltdown. We got seated, and they had me sit in the chair, and Casey sit on my lap. One problem, Casey didn't want to wear the apron. Ok, so we both are gonna be covered with hair. Small sacrifice. Then the hairdresser came up with a brilliant idea. Do you want a lollipop? I said, "yeah, 2.. one for daddy"... Apparently, we had an audience, cause my comment drew laughs from the entire waiting room. I'm thinking, your all laughing now, but you're gonna be cursing us in a few minutes if he melts down and screams and cries...

Now, daddy and Casey are sucking on lollipops, and the cutting begins... Casey sits perfectly still, and quiet... Ok, this is going better than imagined. Until... Casey takes his lollipop out of his mouth to rest his jaw.. It gets covered with loose hair. Thankfully, they offer him another one. Hmmm, come to think of it, they didn't offer me another one... Frickin age discrimination...

The rest of the haircut goes off without a hitch... No crying, no fussing, no squirming, just a lot of lollipop sucking.. By the end of it, we were both covered in hair.. We went straight home, dropped both our clothes in the laundry basket and marched straight to the shower!

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