Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daddy Naked

A few observations about kids. First, they can develop a vocabulary seemingly overnight. Parents often are comparing their kids' progress against other kids... "Little Mikey has been walking for months, why isn't my kid"... Well, within his small group of friends, Casey was on the slow end of the talkers.. But, suddenly, he is making up for lost time. At first, he would say one word here and there. Within the last few weeks, he has taken the next step, and began stringing words together.

In the summertime, when its hot outside, we would leave Casey in his just his diaper right after a diaper change. We would call him, 'diaper boy'... and when we get him out of the bath, we call him, 'naked baby'...

It appears he has stored all this information, and now with his increased vocabulary, he has decided to utilize all his skills. After diaper changes, sometimes he will now say, 'diaper boy'.. So, we leave him to run around in his diaper for awhile. He as also taken to saying, 'Casey naked'... IE: he doesn't want any clothes on... Well, the other night, as I was getting ready to change him and read him bedtime stories, he says, 'Casey naked'... Then, he follows with 'Daddy naked'.... Huh? 'Daddy naked!!!' If any of you have tried to reason with a two year old, you KNOW what happened next.. I'll spare you the visual.

The next day, as Daddy was sitting on the couch watching basketball, Casey comes over and says, 'Daddy naked'. I got a choice, miss 1/2 the game trying to reason with a two year old, or comply and watch the game in peace... There was a blanket and a pillow on the couch to keep me warm, so you can figure what option I chose. Only Casey grabs the pillow and says, 'mine'... At least he 'let me' share the blanket with him...

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