Sunday, March 13, 2011

What would you do?

Here's the scene. I took Casey to the park. We walked, and I didn't bring anything with me, 'cept him. I don't pack two suitcases full of stuff everytime I leave the house with him. So, he's playing at the park, having a great time. I look at his nose, and there is snot coming out of one nostril. Not clear, runny-nose snot, but rather green snot. And not a hard, solid green booger, where you can pinch between two fingers and pull out and flick.. No, this was green, stringy, liquidly and would expand and contract depending on his breathing. Everytime he would inhale, he would suck it up a little, and everytime he would breathe out, it would droop and hang. Now, remember, I didn't bring wipees, or tissues with me. I got nothing but my hands and my clothes, (and his clothes). So, what would you do? Cut playtime short, and take him home? Ignore it and let him keep playing? Or wipe it with your hand, and then try to clean your hand in the grass? Use your clothes? HIS clothes?

OK, now what if I told you the green, stringy, liquidly snot was drooping further and further down his lip until it touched his mouth? This is where I drew the line. It didnt seem to bother him while it was dangling, but I couldn't have it get to his mouth. That would just be irresponsible. So, I dove in there with my hand and wiped it off... only, it kept coming out. Sort of like that magic trick where you pull the hankerchef, only to have it connected to another, and another, and another... I about soaked one hand, so I switched to the other hand.. and his booger/snot had some elasticity. It was stretchin' and drippin' and kept coming. Finally, with both my hands virtually saturated, I got it contained back up within his nostrils... Playtime at the park continues!!!

So, tell me, what would you have done?

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  1. This is hilarious! I probably would of used his shirt or mine to get it. And then if it continued, we'd go home as I would guess he is sick. We wouldn't want to expose the others.