Saturday, April 30, 2011

Real time updates today

We're going to try something new today. Actually, we're gonna try a lot of new things today. First off, Daddy is going to TRY to take care of both Casey and Sydney... by myself. If/when I have time, I'll pop in here and give a brief update on how things are going. Brief being the key word. I think it's gonna get a little crazy around here. Did I mention Sydney is SICK, and having trouble breathing?

Since this day covers both Xue Xian and Bing Xian, I'm going to do a dual post to both their blogs..

My day started at 7AM, when Mom handed Sydney to me. Of course, he was crying... hard... more like wailing. At least Mom gave me a hint, and said he is ready for nap. OK. Time for test #1. Put Sydney to sleep. Oh, I got this. I held him, gave him a head massage; and he fell asleep! I put him in his crib, and... then actually stayed asleep.

Quick trip downstairs for some breakfast. Casey wants 'Daddy- juice' (OJ).. halfway thru breakfast, Casey wants to play pinball. So, we play a couple of games of Fishtales.

8:12AM... Casey is watching Sesame Street, Sydney is still sleeping. Daddy is doing OK so far...

8:24AM... Sign its gonna be a rough day.. I couldn't even relax and enjoy my morning dump... Sydney is starting to fuss in the other room...

9:33AM.. 2 diapers changed, one infant fed.. time to hit the beach.

1:10PM Home, eating lunch. Actually, Sydney is done eating, Casey is alternating between playing with a bottle top, and eating his sandwich.

We got to the beach, and we werent there more than 5 minutes, when a lady comes over, holding her 2 yr. old daughter, and introduces her to Casey. Dude, you are a stud! I dont think ANY mother has ever introduced their daughter to me! Both mother and daughter were real nice, they offered to share their beach toys. Sydney was very calm during his initial visit to the beach. He stayed in his car carrier, and just chilled.

Casey was his normal, friend-making self. Lots of people played with him, and gave him lots of attention. Then, Casey comes up to me and says, "poop". No problem, I brought a diaper bag... 'cept when I look in the bag, there's no baby wipes. Nice, diaper bag, with no baby wipes... Helpful... But Daddy is resourceful.. I hit up Casey's new friends, the mother and daugher, and 'borrowed' some of their wipes. Good thing I did too, cause when I opened Casey's diaper... I found the mother of all dumps. The stuff was oozing out the sides, it was sneaking up the back, toward his spine, the sheer volume of the stuff was a sight to behold. I got it all cleaned up, return the (unused) wipes with a heartfelt thanks... and our beach day continued.

Sydney's day wasn't too shabby either. It seems like he is somewhat of a babe magnet too. Steph and Joanne held him, and chatted with him. Oh, and I should mention they were wearing bikini's.. Why is this important, you ask? Cause by this time, Sydney was getting hungry. As Steph said, I'm gonna hold your head high, up by the shoulders, so you don't get tempted to try to latch on... Ohhh, so close to the pot of gold, but yet so far...

That's ok, it was about time to get home, and get everyone lunch...

2:56PM.. Casey is showered and taking a nap. Sydney has a clean diaper and is taking a nap. Sydney and Daddy fell asleep on the couch. He was successfully transferred to his crib.

5:31PM.. Casey is STILL sleeping. Sydney didn't sleep for long at all. But I fed him another bottle, and now, he's asleep again...

8:40PM. and now its Sydney's turn to hibernate. He's been asleep since the last update. In the meantime, Casey woke up, we went to the park. Sydney just slept in his car carrier, and big brother pushed him around the complex in the stroller.
Mommy got home, and Casey's down for the night.

Looks like we survived the day, no casualties!!!

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