Sunday, May 22, 2011

Growin up and learning

Casey and I went for a long walk. His newest thing is running. He loves to run. He will also say, "Daddy run". That's when I have to run with him. So, more accurately, I should say, we went for a long walk/run. We were pretty far from home, maybe approximately one mile out, when I noticed Casey had a huge, green booger in/hanging from one nostril. I decided it could wait until we got home. Well, on the walk/run home, Casey had other ideas. Suddenly, he ran over to me, and thrust his index finger in my face... On it, there was a giant, green booger! Why is this noteworthy you ask? Well, to me, it represented a 'milestone'. This is the first time he has been able to handle his business by himself. To me, this momentous occasion represented improved eye/hand coordination, body awareness and dexterity.
So, what was I to do when he presented his booger to me? I taught him how to flick it! It took us/him a couple of flicks, but we succeed in flinging it... Oh little man, Daddy has so much to teach you, and its gonna be a blast!

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  1. Oh, boy! I can't believe I haven't logged onto your blog forever. It's so hilarious. It's like I'm reading a comic script.