Thursday, November 17, 2011

Morning Wake up call

Last weekend, we converted Casey's crib to a toddler bed. Before that day, I didn't know what that entailed. It's exactly like taking the bars off a jail cell. He is now free to come and go as he pleases. Well, today, at 6 AM, what pleased him was to come into my room and say, (and not quietly) "Daddy, wake up!". He followed with, "You want go downstairs". Notice the lack of a question mark. That's cause it was phrased as a command, not a question. I came back with, "No, Daddy wants to sleep, NOT go downstairs."

Casey reiterated, "Daddy want go downstairs, watch TV"... Hoping to salvage something out of the exchange, I said, "OK. Go downstairs and watch Sportscenter."

He didn't fall for it. He said, "No, My turn. Go downstairs, watch Sesame Street."

Long story short, we both went downstairs, we both watched Sesame Street.

Casey checking out his new bed.


Sydney... Wondering, "Why can't I bust out like that?"