Sunday, January 1, 2012

Poor Doggie!

Casey's love for his DOGGIE has been well chronicled. Well, we almost had a disaster recently. Over the Christmas break, we spent some time in SD, visiting Nai-Nai and Ye-Ye. On Christmas day, we packed up and left, but 45 miles north of SD, we got a call from Nai-Nai. EMERGENCY... Casey left his doggie in SD. Thankfully, mommy has planned ahead, and has doggie's twin in a suitcase. We brought him out, and Casey didnt miss a beat.

Meanwhile, from back in SD, I got the following email from Nai-Nai. "Casey may not miss his doggie, but I think the doggie missed Casey. When I got downstairs in the morning, I saw doggie sitting in the corner so sad looking. I felt sorry for him, so I gave him a bath (in the washer) and took him upstairs in our bedroom."

Good to know doggie is in good hands while he vacations in SD.

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