Monday, July 2, 2012

Learning new skills

Today, Daddy Mommy imparted some useful knowledge to Casey. We were on a long walk and suddenly Casey said he needed to go potty. The only problem is that there was no restroom nearby. Have no fear, Daddy Mommy had the solution. She I said, "Daddy will show you how to pee on a bush." Daddy said, "Come on Casey, lets go pee on a bush". Alas, we couldn't find a bush, but managed to find the next best thing... a tree! He was pretty successful; only a few details I still need to work with him on. Such as, you want to aim such that the runoff doesn't flow to your shoes. But other than that, his first attempt at this important life skill was a success... Until.... About 30 minutes later, still on the same walk, he said he needed to go potty again. This time, we were near some stores, and I offered to take him to a potty. He said, "No potty, I want to pee on a bush". So we found another tree. He asked Daddy to go first. So, I demonstrated. When it was his turn, he pulled down his pants and started to go. Everything was going smoothly until he saw a 'roly poly'. Mid flow, all his attention got diverted off the task at hand, and focused on the roly poly. Now, his hose sprayed everywhere; straight down into his underwear and pants, streaming down his leg, soaking up his socks and shoes. With everything wet, we finished and continued the walk home. As he waddled uncomfortably in his wet everything, he says, 'Daddy, carry me'.. And I thought, "Oh he!! no kid, you're all wet. That's nasty."

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