Sunday, July 26, 2009

Open letter to my son:

Dear Casey,

Right now, you and your mom are at your Grandma's house. And Daddy is home all alone. (No, I didnt do anything to piss your mommy off) I cant believe you would think that. Actually, most people who know me probably thought the same thing... Anyhow, you are there because some work is getting done to our house, and they are using some chemicals. We dont want you to breathe anything bad, so we thought it was best if you stayed away for a few days. I know that cow manure smell out there in Chino isnt exactly pleasant, but at least it isnt potentially harmful to you.

While you are gone, I have realized something... In your short 5+ month life, you have succeeded in doing something that no one or nothing as been able to ever do... Replace beach volleyball. You see, I was at the beach virtually all day today; and the only reason I stayed as long as I did is because you weren't at home waiting for me. Once upon a time, a long day at the beach would have been a personal paradise for me. But today, I realized that without you around, there is a hole in my day/ life. Dont get me wrong, I still enjoy a nice beach day, but something feels a little empty. Mommy has been calling me, trying to get you to talk to me on the phone. You are too young to understand the whole concept, but when you guys are on the phone line, I can close my eyes and picture you. I can picture your face, your expressions.

Realize that even though you're not here with me, I think about you constantly. I think about the last time I saw you and how you smiled and laughed when I was playing with you. I goto bed thinking about you, and you are the first thought in my mind when I wake up. I will continue to think of you, and look at photos of you even as they bring tears of joy to my eyes.

Enjoy your time with your extended family out there, and I'll see you when you get home. Daddy misses you!


  1. you are sickeningly sweet:) (That's a good thing!)

  2. Ahh... that is so sweet!! Becoming a parent certainly can change your perspective on many things!