Sunday, July 5, 2009

5 Month Birthday and a Milestone

July 3rd marked Casey's 5 month birthday. He decided to start it out with a solution to a drooly dilemma that he has had since early June. He started the morning by rolling from his belly to his back.

Back in June he learned to roll from his back to his belly. (see previous post ) Once he got on his belly he would play and hold his head up high. Unfortunately, when his head got heavy it would drop down suddenly....basically, he would face plant into his play mat. He would start sucking on his hands or the mat itself and the crying would begin. By the time we would get to him there would be a nice puddle of drool....mind you a puddle of drool only takes seconds to create.

Along with this new milestone he also learned that when he was on his belly and his head got heavy he could actually turn it to the side and rest his head on the more faceplants...even when he got tired.

Below is a video of Casey's wonderful rolling skills. Way to go Casey!!!

Of course now he is mobile and it hasn't taken him long at all to figure out that if he keeps rolling to the same side he can get anywhere in the living room....unless he gets stuck....

Time to baby proof!!!

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