Thursday, October 22, 2009


Mommy was away enjoying a Mom's Night Out. So, Casey and Daddy had guys night in. I want to share the exchange between father and son. To give some background, it was getting late, about 8:30pm. I was going to give Casey a bottle of milk and put him to bed. So, I heat up the milk, and bring the bottle over to the couch. Casey is on the ground, and he sees Daddy with the bottle... and he fixates on the bottle. I set the bottle down, and pick up Casey and lay him in my lap. I reach behind his head, and get the bottle. He must be hungry, because he attacks this bottle. He finishes about 1/2 the bottle, and I take it from his mouth. (And set it on the table, behind his head) All I wanted to do was quickly burp him. Casey starts crying, and while I pat him on the back, I say, "Its ok baby, burp for Daddy". And he looks at me and wails... He doesnt have the vocabulary to say the words, but the expression and the sounds said it loud and clear.. " Gimme the d^%^$ bottle... F&&^% burping, I want the d*&^ bottle. Stubborn me, I keep trying to burp him. His next expression/cry said, "OK a*^hole, forget you, I'll get the d*&^% bottle myself"; and with this, he turns his head, locates the bottle, and starts twisting and crawling to reach for the bottle. Being such a reasonable guy, I give in, and get the bottle for him, put it in his mouth and let him finish.. He slurped the rest down FAST. Now, the contents are all gone, so I take the bottle from him again. He starts crying, so I tell him, "All done baby, good job". He basically says, "F&$& that, I'm not done, I'm still hungry".

"Thats it, there is no more, see the bottle is empty"
"Well then, make me some more"
I see this is an argument I can't win, so I do the logical thing... I take him upstairs, distract him, and get him settled down and ready for bed.
I can't imagine what our conversations will be like in a few years when he develops the vocabulary to replace the censored words above!


  1. My suggestion is to eliminate a few words from your vocabulary before Casey catches on! Mom

  2. Why do you assume its MY vocabulary that needs to be streamlined?