Sunday, October 11, 2009


Red alert! Little Casey is fully mobile! I had a moment last week when I realized it was time to child proof. I was on Casey-watch. We were downstairs, in the living room. Casey was on the floor and I was on the couch... and I had to pee! Ever since Casey was born, there has been one constant. If you leave him somewhere, and later come back.... he'll be in the same place as you left him. Umm, not anymore. Knowing this, I put him in the far corner of the room, and took off to the bathroom. For those of you who dont know the layout of Casa Wang, the living room, dining room and kitchen take up the bottom floor of the Casa. There are stairs leading both down to the garage, and up to the bedrooms. Directly in front of the stairs headed down, there is a bathroom.

So, I set Casey in a far corner, and take off for the bathroom. I am standing up, doing my business, and I hear Mommy call out, "Here comes Casey!". Testing my flexibility and control, I attempt to continue aiming the stream while leaning left, and poking my head around the corner to find Casey. (Right about this time, I stop hearing water splashing, and begin hearing porcelain...) Anyhow, Casey is CRAWLING over towards me... and the stairs. The race is on! I re-focus on the task, re-aim to water, and increase the pressure to increase flow volume. Finally, finish, shake twice and zip.. And Casey is literally 1 foot from the top of the stairs! I scoop him up, and reset him to the far corner again...

A few days later, we got the safety gates installed!

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