Sunday, October 4, 2009


Casey just celebrated his 8 month birthday yesterday. He is developing his own personality more each day. From what I have seen, he's a pretty active, daring kid. He loves it when daddy throws him straight up in the air.. err, I mean , gently moves him in a vertical direction, in a controlled manner. (See, no need to to alert CPS). He also loves to do plyometric jumping exercises. But, for all I know, this might well be normal behavior for a boy of his age. But Casey takes it a step further. He loves doing back-flips. Who knows, maybe its something he got from his daddy. After all, daddy made an ill-fated attempt to learn back flips... when he was 35 yrs old... Yup, landed flat on my face. Thats when I was told, "gymnastics is something you learn when you are 5 yrs old, not 35!"

Casey just might be competing for a spot on the 2028 Olympic team.. Wait, what am I saying.. He's part Chinese. He can represent Team China in the 2016 Rio Olympics.. He'll be 7 yrs old.. Perfect age for the Chinese gymnastics governing body to claim he is 'of legal age' and produce a birth certificate to back the claim.

In these photos, all we do is support his armpits, and give him something to rotate around. He does the rest; note the perfect landing!


  1. that is a great form, every is tucked in and he stuck the landing!
    btw, good photo sequence. it is not easy to get that together when they move so quickly.

  2. Love it:) What a cutie! (Not you, Phil!!!) LOL