Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Modeling Career

Recently, Casey got his first modeling job. He was asked to model diapers for a diaper company. Check out their website here: www.cuteybaby.com. I was approached by a professional photographer who was hired to shoot for CuteyBaby. Acting as Casey's agent, I presented Casey's requests:

Private dressing area
46" High Def flat screen TV
DVD player with Baby Einstein videos
2 boxes of Cherrios. (regular, NOT Honey Nut)
3 chew toys. 1 chilled, 1 frozen, 1 room temperature
Assortment of age appropriate toys
1 stuffed dog
1 15 minute nap period per every hour of work

Alas, exactly NONE of Casey's requests were honored. I think he babbled something about firing his dad/agent. Here are a few shots from the photoshoot.

A special thanks to Randy for the photos. Check out his website. www.randyschwartzphoto.com. His title is 'lifestyle photographer'.. whatever that means.. He assures me that people 'in the industry' know what that means. Regardless of what I think about his title, he takes some pretty damn good photos. All of you with children know how difficult it is to shoot photos of young ones.. Well, at this photoshoot, Randy was crawling all over the floor, rubbing himself in doghair, spit-up and whatever else was on that floor. He was making funny noises and gestures; all the while managing to capture the precious moments. So, if any of you want some SPECIAL shots taken, contact him.. Tell him Phil sent you... and also tell him to give you the special 'Phil price'.... and he'll tell you... 'wtf is that price???...' but he'll hook you up anyway...

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