Tuesday, December 1, 2009


For Thanksgiving 2009, we decided to head to San Diego, to visit Nai-Nai and Ye-Ye. After a LATE start, we arrived in SD around 1am on Tuesday. Unfortunately, a sick Nai-Nai greeted us at the front door. She must have had something good, because by Friday, both big K.C. and little Casey were sick. Yup, little Casey spent his 1st Thanksgiving on earth puking his guts out. We had a great Thanksgiving meal, little Casey ate turkey for the first time. He was being his regular, jovial self, playing with us and our guests... Then, all of a sudden, he opened his mouth, and unleashed a TORRENT! Picture a mouth about the size of a quarter... with a garden hose just inside it.. Now, fill the garden hose with bright orange liquid, and pressurize to approx. 10,000 PSI. Open the spigot, and stand back.. I can not accurately describe either the volume or the violence of the barf... I know I have pondered a similar dilemma before... If you feed a newborn 4 ounces of liquid, how is it possible that moments later, 5X that amount comes out. Until this moment, my experience has been the 5X amount coming out the rear hatch... Now I know, it can come back out the front too! I can use this episode to augment Casey's vocabulary: Puking, barfing, yakking, tossing cookies, preying to the porcelain god, ralphing, throwing up...

Here is Casey during happier times on Thanksgiving.

Big K.C. and Little Casey together!

Casey seated at the Thanksgiving table, checking out all the food

Casey giving Chee a headbutt

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  1. Wow Casey's becoming more and more photogenic :D Can't wait to see him!