Friday, December 25, 2009

A$$ over Tea kettle

I have a story to share, but unfortunately I wasn't there to witness it firsthand. Mommy was watching Casey, and she was down in the laundry room, pre-scrubbing poopy-clothes before they were to go in the washer. Casey is up in the living room, one floor up. She hears Casey crying.. Not the normal, soft cry.. but rather a HELP MEEEEE cry... So, Mommy goes up the stairs, and looks for Casey... and cant find him.. But then hears the crying again.. Following the noise, she directs her attention toward the corner of the room.. No Casey, but rather 2 legs/feet and a little butt STICKING IN THE AIR. The legs are thrashing about, trying to attach to something and gain traction. The rest of him is buried upside-down in his toy bin. But wait, it gets better. Upon further inspection, he is basically standing on his head within the toy bin, but his HEAD is stuffed in a round tupperware bowl... Mommy promptly rescues him, WITHOUT taking and pix or videos. I'm not sure I would have been about to resist the temptation to capture that moment for his highlight reel.

The scene of the crime.
The plastic tupperware bowl, only this time, he is right side up, and posing with the bowl perched gently on his head.

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  1. That is sooo cute!! and funny!! Glad he's OK of course:)