Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday week continued

Casey's cousins Chantal and Elena sent him a birthday package consisting of tons of videos. I'd say somewhere on the order of 20+ VHS and DVD videos came in a big UPS box. We helped Casey open the box and he did the rest. He reached in the box, and pulled each and every video out... one by one.. and threw/ dropped them on the living room floor. Near the end, they began to pile up around the perimeter of the box. So, he took advantage, and climbed on the pile to gain better access to the remainder of the videos still in the box. When he couldn't see any more videos to dump out, he tilted the box and attempted to climb inside, just to be SURE that he didn't miss any.
So much entertainment, and we haven't even began to watch the videos yet!
Thanks Tally and Goo!

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