Sunday, February 21, 2010

Torrance Trains

Having a child has opened my eyes to a plethora of activities that are offered.. often by your local city.. often for free... often really cool... This past weekend was a perfect example. The City of Torrance, in conjunction with Southern California Live Steamers offers free mini train rides at the local park. We didnt experience any of the issues typically associated with free public event (bunch of knuckle-heads, overcrowding, understaffing, disorganization, etc). The location was well maintained, well staffed and the event ran so smooth. The lines were organized, the wait times short, the natives were well behaved, and the attendants were knowledgeable and courteous.
Casey and his new buddy Jared caught a ride to the park in the Radio Flyer wagon. Them two pups rode in style... Drink holders, three-point harness safety belts, independant front suspension. They rode the rails twice, each time traveling a different track, touring Wilson Park and the surrounding area. Casey had such a good time, he forgot all about his afternoon nap... Until he got home and crashed at 4PM.. I had to wake him up at 7:45PM, so he didnt sleep all night. I'd say his activities made him one pooped puppy.

"Mr. Chauffeur, please take us to the park."

Mini trains, powered by real steam engines.

Casey riding the rails.

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