Sunday, February 28, 2010

Casey's life

Here's a few tidbits about Casey's life these days.
He has passed the 1 year mark, and his height and weight have progressed to the point where he is eligible to sit in a forward-facing car seat. He took his first road trip in his new seating configuration. As you all know, he LOVES rain. So, while it was raining, he was able to watch the rain out of windshield and sunroof. Hopefully, facing forward takes some of the boredom out of car trips for him. Although, one of the things I remember most from my young days was when I used to ride on the back of a VW Bug, facing backwards, staring out the rear window, pretending I was driving backwards. That's how I used to pass the time during car trips.
Apparently, Casey likes fountains. We took him Balboa Park, and he was mesmerized by the water fountains. He would just stare at them. And when we tried to hold his hand and lead him away from the fountains... He kept looking back , wanting to stay!
He has discovered piano, and unlike his daddy, he really digs it. Really, whats not to like... He hits white and black rectangles and they make noise. Hopefully he's have some musical ability like his uncle Ed.

Watch your form... back straight, wrists high... Ah, forget it, just bang them keys, champ!
Casey is pretty resourceful... and mischievous. Nai-Nai set up a blockade of chairs, to keep Casey from wandering into trouble. Well, before long, Casey found a way around the blockade, and decided to climb the stairs by himself. Part of me, was like, 'You go boy'... The other part of me was thinking, 'This is probably the exact reason Nai-Nai put up the blockade.' So, I followed him up the stairs, trailing behind him just to make sure he didnt fall backwards and land on his head. Nope, he negotiated the stairs just fine, and I was so proud of him! But, I didn't tell him that.. I don't think that kid needs encouragement to be mischievous...

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