Friday, April 9, 2010

Feathered Friends

Recently we found out about a park that has a pond with ducks. It is the Wilderness Park in Redondo Beach. It's amazing what you find in your own backyard if you look. We took a family trip to check out the park. Casey enjoyed the ducks and he was also mesmerized by a little girl with bright pink shoes.

Near our home is another great park that has a man made pond that usually several ducks call home. Occasionally a couple of ducks would fly over to the man made pond and waterfall structures that grace the entrance to our complex. Currently the pond in the park is under renovation so a couple of the ducks have made the ponds in our complex their new home. This is great for Casey! He has gotten to see live ducks up close and personal when we take our daily walks to pick up the mail or just get some fresh air. Sometimes the ducks walk around the complex so we find them in the roads. This offers Casey the perfect opportunity for a game of chase. He likes to try to get close to the ducks while "talking" to them. It gets challenging when the pair of ducks part ways and go in opposite directions. It's funny to watch Casey try to decide which one to chase. On occasion we have gotten to see the ducks take off and fly into the air. It's cute to see Casey's face as he watches them in amazement until they are out of sight.

Check out Casey's duck adventures in the video below. I warn you it is a bit long and since it was shot with a handheld digital camera it is a bit grainy and at times unsteady.

Another feathered animal that Casey has gotten to see up close are the chicken's at my parents home. On a recent visit I let him run free to see what he would do. See for yourself in the video below. Too cute! Again same warning above applies.

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