Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hi Mommy

Hi Mommy, I hope you are having fun at Mom's night out. Daddy and I hung out together tonight. He took me on a walk. I'm getting good at this walking thing. Curbs still give me a little trouble, but Daddy knows that, and all I gotta do is reach out for his hand, and he grabs my little hand and helps me balance while I climb the curbs. I like walking in the grass, and the little slopes and uneven spots arent giving me as much trouble as they used to; if I concentrate, I can keep my balance. I can even walk over the speed bumps now! There were a few cars parked out front, Daddy let me run on hands along them. I kinda dig touching cars; my hands got all dirty, but if I suck my thumb, it gets clean! I found my way to the water. There were no ducks today :(
Daddy put my in my spot in the tree. It's pretty cool up there, I can watch all the cars, and if I look straight down, I see reflections in the water. I'm not sure how he does it, but Daddy makes the tree sway and I just chill up there.
Next, we went to get the mail. While Daddy had his head in the mailbox, I found some dirt in the planter to play with. After the mailbox, we went home and watched some March Madness basketball. Daddy really likes that basketball stuff. I tried to watch it, climbing on my toys and holding onto the fence to get high and close to the TV. After a little while, I got bored and starting playing with my toys. Then, I had to drop a deuce.. so I grunted one out. Daddy was on the couch, saying something to me, but I didnt pay him no mind, I mean, seriously, leave me alone so I can do my business. But its all good, Daddy grabbed me, and I sat between his legs and we watched TV together. I was getting tired, so he rubbed my head. I was losing it fast, and gradually slid down, until I was laying on the floor right in front of Daddy. When there was a deadball timeout, Daddy took me upstairs, changed my diaper, put on my PJ's.
We played hide and seek around the recliner. I dont know why, but this game cracks me up. Daddy gets on all fours and chases me around the recliner, peeking his head around both sides until I start busting up laughing.
Daddy then tried to read me my Choo-Choo train book, but I was so tired, I turned the pages real fast, then shut the book. Daddy got the hint, and put me into my bed. I'll see you in the morning; when I'm ready to see you, I'll cry.


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