Saturday, September 25, 2010


We had a great family day today. Casey got lathered in sunscreen, spent most of the day outside, walking in the LA sunshine, and running through a fountain. (Post to follow) He got so tuckered out that he took a great afternoon nap. After naptime, we all went out to eat. And Casey ate like a champ. He polished off about 4 'adult' bowls of food. We are trying to have him eat with his own spoon. So, he began with his spoon in his left hand, scooping food, having some of it fall off the spoon, missing his mouth with some more, and finally getting a small fraction of the original spoonful into his belly. Like his daddy, he's always thinking about making process' more efficient. So, he takes his right hand and grabs handfuls of food and shoves them in his mouth. I can tell he's thinking, "You people and your utensils... so inefficient". The downside to this method is that it is messy. Food all over his hands, face, arms, in his hair, and some stuck on his legs. Nothing a good bath cant take care of...

So, our great day culminated in bathtime. I gave him a bath, let him stay in the tub to splash around in the water. He was splashing so hard, water was getting everywhere. So, I pulled the shower curtain partially shut, and he thought I was playing 'peek-a-boo' with him. He also decided to take advantage of his newfound privacy. I pulled the curtain back, said 'peek-a-boo'... and looked down at the water... FLOATIES.. Yup, Casey was dropping nuggets in the water. I ran downstairs and grabbed my camera to preserve the moment.

And with this episode, he pretty much completes the trifecta. Drop a deuce in the bath tub. Check. Drop a log in the shower. Check. And now.. splash some floaties into the water. Check.

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