Monday, September 27, 2010

Hitting for the cycle

In baseball there are four types of hits; single, double, triple and home run. If a player gets one of each type, in one game, its called 'hitting for the cycle'...

In Los Angeles, these past few days have been HOT. Like record-setting hot. We took Casey to the pool in the afternoon for some relief from the heat. I guess there's some special "diapers" called swimmers, or something like that. At this point, I don't know much about them, and it really isn't that important. But you gotta know, somehow, they are gonna factor into this story, else I wouldnt have mentioned them. Since Casey hasnt learned to swim yet, I have to hold him in the water. Alternatively, he can stand on the steps leading into the pool. Depending on which step he is on, the water reaches his shins, his belly, or his chin. Today, I brought my swimming goggles, and would dive underwater, and pop up in front of him and yell 'peek-a-boo'. So, one time while I'm underwater, I look in his direction, and I see a dark-ish cloud expanding in the water... Being emitted from Casey... To be specific, emitting from just behind Casey. You know in the movies, when they show the mushroom cloud from the atomic bomb in slow motion.. Kinda like that, 'cept it was underwater, and brownish... It was just spreading in the water, and I thought, 'Uh Oh'...

Yup, he went #2 in his 'swimmers'. Drop a deuce in the bath tub. Drop a log in the shower. Splash some floaties into the bathwater. And now, pull a "Caddyshack" and poop in the pool.

Way to go kid, you just hit for the cycle.

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