Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Fireworks

This being Los Angeles and all; Manhattan Beach, Ca has a tradition of shooting off fireworks off the pier, over the ocean. They are called Christmas fireworks, and they have this annual show in mid-December. Yesterday, Dec. 12th, it was about 80 degrees during the day. We took Casey to Redondo Beach in the morning, and he ran around in the sand, and 'chased' the surf. Of course, he isn't as fast as the waves and eventually, he got soaked. After a warm shower with Daddy, and lunch, Casey settled in for a well deserved nap.

Following his nap, we partook in the Manhattan Beach fireworks festivities. The outing started at the fire department where the firefighters put on a spaghetti feed. Since Casey LOVES 'pa-ta' (pasta) and fire trucks ( I cant even pronunciate his words for fire truck), we figured this would be a cool experience for him. In order to accommodate all the people for the feed, they move all their fire trucks out of the station, and set up long tables and tons of chairs. Then, its just like one huge feeding trough. Trudge thru a line, they pile tons of spaghetti on a plate, and you sit and graze.. Kinda reminds me of the dorms or prison. Yes, I've experienced ONE of these two... We sat Casey on Mommy's lap and he was slurping 'pa-ta'.. But his attention was on the parmesan cheese container. All he kept saying was 'cheese'. We had complete strangers sneaking the cheese containers under the table, so Casey wouldn't spot it, and fixate on it! We got thru the meal without making too much of a mess.

Next, it was off to Betty and Larry's house to watch the fireworks. There is some saying about location, location, location.. Well, that saying is appropriate for this occasion. Their house is right on the boardwalk, a great viewing spot for Casey to check out chicks... err, I mean fireworks over the pier... I don't know if it was chicks, or the ocean, or what that caught his attention, but Casey would make a beeline for the exit and take off up and down the boardwalk. He must have done this for about 45 minutes straight. He was good about it; he never ventured far, only 15 feet or so in each direction, and each time, he would run back onto the porch... only to turn around and take off again.

Then, the fireworks started. Casey was mesmerized by the display. Based on his reactions to the 4th of July fireworks (July 4th Fireworks)and this show, I'd say he digs fireworks!

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