Thursday, December 16, 2010

Round 1

Last night, I was coming from work. Before I even parked the car in the garage, I can hear Casey crying, screaming, wailing... I'm in my car, pulling into the garage, and he's inside the house, and its LOUD.

So, I go find out what's happening. I'm thinking, is he hurt? Did his baby brother pop out of Mommy's belly 6 weeks early? What could possibly cause that torrent of tears and wailing.. I get in the house and ask him... In between sobs and slurping of snot, he says, 'Books'... To make a long story short, Mommy and Casey were having a battle of wills. They were getting ready to go 'bye-bye' (go outside for a walk) and Casey wanted to carry two of his books with him. Mommy was trying to compromise, and said he could take one book. He kept insisting on taking two, so Mommy said fine, then we aren't going outside.

I just got done with a long day at work, I'm sick, so I figure I'll take Casey out. I get him (re)dressed, and carry him out of the house. He starts crying, I figure once we get outside and he sees some of his favorite sights, (pool, hottub, trees decorated with Christmas lights) he'll forget about the damn books...

Um, not so much. I carried him FAR, and he's bawling the whole time. I set him down, and he RUNS all the way home. I figured 'screw it' whats the harm in letting him lug two books around. So, I get his books for him, and he settles down. BOTH books in hand; Daddy and Casey proceed to have a good time outside.

I got to thinking about the whole scene, and realized this whole meltdown episode was over taking two books instead of one book to carry while going outside. I also realized my kid is really stubborn, and sometimes unreasonable. Hmmm, wonder where he got that from.

In the opening round of undoubtedly many battle of wills, Casey's will outdid Daddy's. So, did I set a bad precedent, or am I just choosing my battles?

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