Friday, December 3, 2010

Drinking from the toilet

Casey decided to try something new this morning. For quite a while now he would watch us go pee, see us flush, and say bye bye pee pee. Then he would open the toilet lid and say pee pee then close the lid. No harm, no foul. Today he decided to open the lid say pee pee then "aqua" (water) and proceed to dip is fingers in it and put them in his mouth and say "mmmm". I'm kinda speechless. I mean, that's nasty, right? Guess it could have been worse. At least, it was flushed.. Is there such thing as clean toilet water?

And to think, one year in college, me and my roommates made a pact; we weren't going to flush the toilet EVER, to see if we could pee enough to make the liquid flow out of the bowl. To this day, I still don't know who chickened out and couldn't handle the stench of stale pee... and flushed.

I guess I have lots to teach my little guy. Don't drink from the crapper. Don't eat the yellow snow. Don't pee INTO the wind...

Oh yeah, and if you ever see a cabin on fire, peeing on it with your best friend WON'T put out the fire. Trust me, daddy knows best.

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