Monday, September 17, 2012


I've been meaning to post this entry for a long time, but couldn't settle on a good format. Suddenly, I look up and 3.5 years have passed. I realized that I'm gonna forget some Casey-ism's... In other words, the unique ways Casey describes things. So, format be damned, here goes. Check back periodically, as Casey is bound to add to this list.

Cacish- Early on, he had a fascination with vacuum cleaners. For some unknown reason, he called them cacish.. Which happens to be the Portugese word for poop!

Ses-Ses-Ses- One of his first favorite TV shows was Sesame Street. He would point at the TV and say "Ses-Ses-Ses".

Pork-a-cheese- Mom was talking to Casey, but not in English. Apparently, she was speaking "Pork-a-cheese" instead!

Mac-a-oni- One of his favorite meals is Mac-a-oni and Cheese.

Guac-a-oni- Casey sure likes his chip and guac-a-oni... We had to concentrate to differentiate between Mac-a-oni and Gauc-a-oni.

BBBBBBB-chips- For some unknown reason, he would add a bunch of B's before getting the word 'chips' out of his mouth when requesting potato chips.

Yennow- The color yellow.

Peppa-oni- His favorite pizza topping.

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