Friday, September 7, 2012

Football game

Tonight was another first. Well, lemme back up. A few weeks ago, Uncle Andy and cousin Nate invited Casey to a baseball game. He enjoyed himself, particularly the junk food and the cheering. He didn't understand the nuances of the game like hitting behind the runner, advancing runners into scoring position with less than two outs, etc. But Casey made it clear how he felt. In the parking lot, on the way out of the game, he says, "Daddy, I had fun at the baseball game." "I want to goto a football game now." Fast forward until now, (when football was actually in season) and I made his wish come true. Tonight, Casey went to his first football game; West High v Torrance High. When the home team scored, Casey raised his hands overhead and said "touchdown". We capped the night off with a stop at the 'ice cream factory' where he got some ice cream. On the way home, he said, "I want to goto a basketball game"...

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