Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rock Climbing Wall

One of the interesting activities we sampled this summer was a rock climbing wall. The local YMCA has family nights once a month, and they have activities for the kids. I came up with a great idea that I should expose Casey to a rock climbing wall. My thought was that I would go first, climb up and demonstrate for him... and hope that he would want to be like Daddy and try too. We get to the facility, and see the wall for the first time. I ask Casey if he wants to try. Thankfully, he said yes. We get harnessed, and he bolts straight for the wall. I ask if he wants to watch Daddy go first, he doesnt even answer, he's too busy getting locked into his climbing harness... And he just goes for it... Like it was nothing. No instructions needed, no encouragement.. He spiderman'ed right up the face of the wall, until he got about 20 feet in the air. I suspect he looked down at that point and realized just how high off the ground he was, cause he suddenly asked to come down...

After Casey was safely back on tierra firma, and since I was all harnessed up, I decided I would try a climb, even if Casey no longer needed me to lead by example. Good thing too, cause about 10 feet up the wall, my fingers started cramping, my groin muscled started spasm-ing, and I aborted the mission. Good thing Casey was off playing in the foam pit by this point, and didnt have to witness Daddy's sad attempt.

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