Sunday, March 15, 2009

Milestones Part II

Here we go again. I'm gonna tell ya'll about another milestone. I know what you are thinking; but surprise, surprise, this post has nothing to do with PJ's bodily functions.

According to the published literature, they have decided that at this point in a kids life, you can safely introduce bottle feeding... one bottle every week or so. What kind of research goes into recommendations like this? Do they do long-term observations? IE: is there any correlation between feeding a one-month old 2 bottles (gasp) in the same week and alcohol abuse in his 30's?? or 40's?? Something about getting hooked on bottles? Maybe I'll crash an AA meeting and start some scientific research. "Hi, my name is Phil, and I have a problem. I want to feed my kid more than one bottle a week..."

Anyhow, going into this event, we are a little concerned, what if PJ doesnt like a bottle. Until now, he has been fed exclusively via breast. Now that I think about it, if you're used to getting some of that, and suddenly its no longer an option, a bottle might be a letdown.

We have planned for the worst. Supposedly, the mom isn't supposed to be around for this, so we planned to have Nai-Nai around for backup. So, trying to keep the same feeding routine, I start by checking his diaper. Its a poopy diaper! So I get a wipee, and when I touch his butt with it, he crys... loud. To be fair, that wipee was COLD. I'd be pissed too, if someone touched my butt with something that cold. Sorry buddy! Anyway, there was some stuff caked on, so I had to scrub and rub a little. I think I even had to get my fingernail involved to do some scraping... Anyhow, with that out of the way, nothing is left except the bottle.

I lay him down in my lap, trying to approximate the position mom uses when she feeds him. I'm just hoping he doesnt try to latch on to me! I have heard that is painful, and if I wanted to experience that stuff, I'd just take a binder clip to my nipple..

He's laying there, and I bust out the bottle... and he just stares at it, with a curious/ confused look on his face. I'm thinking "Uh oh". So I do like I see mommy do, and I shove his face into it... He latches on and starts sucking! I could see his expression change from "WTF to Oh yeah!" in about 2 seconds flat... Dude shallowed that bottle like it was a shot glass. Hmm, is there AA in our future?


  1. Yay! Be happy, very, very happy!

  2. Another great posting; it is keeping us amused. Is it my imagination, or are more than half of the postings about poop or farts? I know that fathers have a very different experience with infants than do mothers, but there seems to be a very rectocentric experience you are having with your son.

  3. I'm glad for you both:) (or all 3 of you)! It will be nice for Virginia to have you help in this area!!!