Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our First Day Out...Alone

Casey and I went on our first outing alone on Friday the 19th. Since mommy got the all clear from the doctor the day before it seemed like a perfect day to take a trip to work and introduce the little guy to all of mommy's friends. Since the first round of layoffs was set to begin by the end of March I wanted to visit as I may never see some of my co-workers again in person.

I wasn't sure if we were going to go that day as it all depended on Casey's schedule and if I could get us out of the house quick enough between feedings. A 45 minute drive with a hungry child in the back seat would not have been pretty. Luckily, Casey decided to nap the whole way. YEAH!

I called ahead and arranged to use Lucilla's office to breastfeed him when we got there. Good thing too, Casey started crying as soon as I took him out of the car. We were delayed a couple of times as friends stopped us on the way into the building but they were quick to let us go and invite us to swing by later so they could get a better look at him. When we got to Lucilla's office Casey fed like a champ. He also introduced Lucilla to his other talents...pooping and farting. As Lucilla described it, it was like fireworks going off. Once he was fed and cleaned up we began our tour.

Lucilla carried him for the first few visits. Casey enjoyed being carried. Once we placed him in the car seat again he dozed off. Most of the rest of the visits he wasn't even aware of...except towards the end. He put on another show...with several onlookers, he showed them just how red his face could get. It was the source of much laughter and funny comments for us all. Richard wondered if his face got that red when he was grunting one out and Timothy sniffed around the stroller to determine if Casey had left any gifts or was just full of hot air. Dave's desk was going to be the designated changing table but Casey was just full of hot air so his desk was spared.

Visiting took us several hours and we still didn't see everyone. Hopefully we will have a chance to pay everyone another visit...possibly in May if not sooner.

Our day ended with another breastfeeding in an empty office and a visit from Dianne. Dianne compared feet with Casey...she's got small feet! Once Casey was again fed and cleaned up then away we went. Casey dozed off again and napped the whole way home. WOO HOO!

Overall, our first outing went very smoothly. It was great seeing everyone! Casey was great! Next time mommy will actually take pictures.


  1. It was very cool to see the little guy...thanks Mom!!


  2. Congrats on the first outing Virginia! We can't wait to meet Casey.

  3. That's awesome Virginia! It only gets easier...and it sounded like it worked out;)