Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One-month celebration

As I have alluded to a few times before, having a baby is a learning experience. PJ was born on 2-3-09, thus on 3-3-09, he celebrated his one month birthday. Here is where the learning part comes in. Evidently, in Chinese culture, there is a big celebration at the one-month mark. See, I'm learning about my culture. (And yes, contrary to popular belief, I AM Chinese) Anyhow, according to the watered down, white-boy version I am undoubtedly getting, in Buddhist or Taoist families, (As far as I know, we are neither), on the morning of the baby's 30th day, sacrifices are offered to the gods, so the gods will protect the child throughout his life. So, this got me thinking, 'Well, hell, oops, maybe I shouldnt use that word here, we did sacrifice sleep, and lots of it.' Somehow, I dont think thats what they had in mind...
Reportedly, tradition also dictates that a red boiled egg be rubbed on the baby's forehead. The significance of the color red is that in Chinese culture, red is a sign of happiness.
I'm walking on egg-shells here, (pun intended); I really dont want to offend anyone's religious and cultural beliefs, but I'm thinking for MY chinese baby, the color red doesnt mean happiness. The only time the color red is associated with this baby is when his face turned COMPLETELY RED when he is trying SO HARD to grunt one out. What the hell (oops, there it goes again) is happy about the pain associated with trying to grunt one out? I'm being serious here. Has there been any evidence of newborns sustaining a brain aneurism whilst trying to take a giant dump?


  1. Our little guy turns red too when he is "concentrating". it is kinda funny (to us)
    i read somewhere that is is a bit of a difficult process to learn for them.

  2. Just be thankful that he won't remember any of it when he is older!!!