Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am told that part of having a baby is the joy of witnessing and experiencing milestones. Like the first time jr says 'mommy' or 'daddy'... Or the first time he walks. I want to share my experience of witnessing and participating in a Casey milestone!

Its about 6pm on Thurs, and I just finished a long day at work. I come home, and Pup is feeding Casey. They get done, and I try to burp him. Mom takes the opportunity to go and take a shower. Its just me and Casey. He's sitting in my lap, we're just chillin' watching some basketball together. And he starts with 'PPPFFFTTT'. By now, I know what this is. Its his special watery, bubbly, airy, gaseous spray. I'm wondering if my lap got nailed. I'm about to move and find out, when.... I catch a whiff!!!

Whoever said that newborn 'gifts' dont stink is full of 'PPPFFFTT'. We've hit a MILESTONE! This is the first of the Casey specials that have melted my nosehairs. I would have settled for witnessing this milestone, but NO, I had to participate. Curious me, just as the stench arrived at my nostrils, I had to know... did I get nailed? So I take my hand, feel under his butt... Yup, I got nailed. Its wet. So, I do what any rational human would do.. I grab HIS blanket and spread it in between his butt and my lap. I know, I'm a bad parent.

Now I feel bad, I can't just leave him stewing in that 'stuff'. I gotta do the right thing and change his diaper. I open that badboy up, and its filled to the brim! These diapers are an engineering marvel. I've seen expensive gaskets and hose fittings that leak more than these diapers. True, my hand was wet, but after I saw the volume that was held back by the diaper I'm OK with a little wet. This thing was like a dam; and I'm thankful I wasnt that little town downstream that got washed away when the dam gives way...

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  1. Has it happened when he was in his bouncer or carseat yet?? It's the worst!! You have to undo everything and wash it etc. etc. What a mess:)