Friday, April 10, 2009

First Visit to Avo & Avaos House

While Phil was off to Arizona for the NCAA March Madness and Spring Training sporting events Casey and I stayed at Avo (Grandpa) and Avao's (Grandma) house in Ontario. While there he got lots of visitors. His cousins Ashley and Chelsea even stayed from Friday night through Sunday just to get a chance to hang out with the little guy. Here are some pix from his busy 4 days.

Sonia and her daughter Cassandra (my good friend and goddaughter)

Cousin Chelsea...she really enjoys holding him. (my niece & goddaughter)

Tia Angela and Tio Joe (my big bro and sister in law)

Tia Ana (my big sis & madrihna)

Tia Filomena (my aunt on my mom's side). She loves the smell of babies and was sooo excited to see Casey because she hadn't smelled a baby in sooo long. She even got to smell him later that evening after he had a bath. Umm, smells good!

Sheika (my good friend)
Of course, Avao...our visit wore her out...but she loved every moment she got to spend with Casey.

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