Sunday, April 19, 2009

No safety net

This Saturday, the training wheels came off. The high wire act was performed without a safety net. PSW was on his own with Casey, as mommy took some time for herself, and actually went out, leaving PSW and PJ home alone. Once upon a time, such an act would have been considered child endangerment, warranting a call to Child Protective Services.
But, its a new day and PSW was ready. The afternoon started with us watching some TV. Then, PJ started crying. Time to answer the $64,000 question. What does the crying mean? Does it mean "I S*&^ myself", or "I'm hungry", or "I'm sleepy", or something else. In my book, hungry = grumpy; at least it does for me. So, I try to give PJ a bottle. He takes 2 sips, and doesnt bother swallowing. Scratch "I'm hungry" off the list. So I start massaging his head. Evidently, PJ likes this. See previous post/ photos here.

Sure enough he falls asleep. And sleeps... and sleeps. For 3 hours. Like father, like son. I'm not going to lie, I took a nap too! When he finally wakes up, (crying, of course) I assume this one means "I'm hungry". Turns out, I guessed right, as he sucked down that bottle like a champ.

After that, the fireworks started. (See Lucilla's definition here)

I patiently waited... and waited.. For 20 minutes! I see where this is going. When PJ gets older, he too will take a newspaper in the bathroom and disappear for long stretches of time. After the diaper change, mommy walks in the house, probably wondering if everyone was still alive. Yup, everyone was fine, and we enjoyed a daddy & son day alone!

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