Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome Cousin Johnathan Joseph

While staying at Avo & Avao's we also got to visit the latest addition to the Rocha clan. Little Johnathan Joseph was born March 25th to Tony (my little brother) and Claudia (sister in law). It was fun during our pregnancies to compare notes since Claudia and I were about 2 months apart.

Below are some pictures of Casey and Johnathan. Keep in mind they were both 20 inches long at birth. Casey weighed just under 8 lbs and Johnathan weighed in at 8 lbs 6 oz. What a difference a little less than 2 months makes.

Here's little Johnathan wrapped up in his ducky blanket. He's so precious!!

Proud Avao holding her latest grandson.

Proud mama holding her first child.

Here's Casey and Johnathan striking practically identical poses.

What a difference 2 months makes!!!!

Welcome to the world and family Johnathan!!!! Congratulations Tony & Claudia!!

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  1. You are right about 2 months!! I the 1st year of life is the wildest when it comes to growing for sure:)